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We offer a comprehensive package of design, from initial concept, right through to manufacture.

Your mechanical designs can be verified using FEA and/or your electrical/electronic designs can be tested using software simulation.

Specialising in design for manufacture, reverse engineering and 3D printing

3D Scanning

Occasionally parts cannot be manufactured or measured for a variety of reasons.  Using state of the arts scanners, we are able to produce an accurate digital reproduction.

We are also able to turn mesh files in to useable CAD data. 

3D Printing

If you need to rapidly prototype or just print a part, we can produce them in a variety of materials, including flexible, rigid, multicolored or even combine different material properties in a single part.

Using Polyjet, SLA and Filament technologies.

A quick introduction...

Innotech Engineering brings many years of experience in design and manufacture, covering various industries, including medical, oil and gas, aerospace and automotive. 


Recently it has been closely working with NHS Wales during the recent COVID pandemic to provide rapid design and manufacturing solutions to help solve a number of problems.

Innotech is based in Bridgend, South Wales, UK

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